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Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) = More visitors = More sales = More Money in your pocket!

Search-engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in search results—often referred to as "organic” results. In general, the higher ranked on the search results page, and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine's users, and these visitors can be converted into customers.

As Internet marketing specialists, SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience.

1.     We Guarantee to improve on your website current Positions for up to 20 Keywords.

2.     Our average search engine optimization score Improvements in Google position has been over 450% over the past 6 months.

3.     We send monthly progress reports to all our clients, for every keyword, to see how your Position Improves!

4.     What would you do to rank on page 1 of Google? You will get 33% of all the Business for that specific Keyword!

5.     Visit our Marketing Options tab to see how our SEO, Website Design and Social Media teams can help your Business FLY!

Would you like?

·         21x More Website hits?

·         21x More Sales?

·         21x More Personal Satisfaction?

·         21x More Money in your pockets?

·         21x More personal success and happiness?

·         21x More free time to do what you enjoy doing?

How Can we Help You?


We do this by providing Google with the information and criteria they need to optimize your Business properly.

We offer EIGHT EASY BRILLIANT Marketing Options for our Clients:

SEO                     A Monthly SEO Maintenance Package on 12 Months Agreement - R2500 p.m.

Quick-SEO           We do many of the MAIN things Google will need to LIKE your Website and rank your 

                            Business higher for Specific Keywords - ONCE-Off R3,500 Package

SEO-PRO             Advanced ONCE-Off R5.500 Package

Facebook Marketing                        R980 per month - Minimum Agreement Term 3 Months

Business Facebook Page                 Setup Fee R1500 Once off and Facebook Optimisation

New Professionally built Website     On Google standards   – R5.000 Once off plus R100 p.m. hosting

OnlineShop                                       E-Commerce website with Merchant account – R5.000 Once off plus R100

New Website & Business Facebook Page LIVE FEED from FB to your website – R5.500 +R100pm host



Quick-SEO  R3500 ONCE OFF

Quick SEO includes these listed below as well as other options (not listed below):

Checking if your website is actually on Google, and placement if it’s not on Google Results

(Many people believe their website is on Google-Then we discover it is NOT) 

We place your Website on Google!

Submitting your website to many Search Engines

(There are literally thousands of Search Engines-Not just Google or Yahoo)

We submit your Site to many Search Engines!

Placing your Business on Google Maps. This is the quickest way to be displayed on Google PAGE ONE.

(Please remember to forward the verification code to us which will be sent by Google to your Postal address)

We ensure that you will be on Google Maps!

 Google +

(This is important to get good Google rankings)

We add you on Google+!

Creation of your professional Business FACE BOOK Page

(This is a Business FaceBook Page-Important for good GOOGLE Rankings)

We build it for you and send the address to you my Email!

Registering your Website on LARGE POWERFUL Websites with powerful Google Rankings

(This is VERY IMPORTANT to get good Google Rankings)

We Register your Business!

Creation of IMPORTANT Backlinks

(Your Website must be Cross linked and have links back to it)

We Create Powerful Backlinks to your Business website!

Placement of Adverts on Relevant Related Business websites

(You must Advertise to get Business exposure)

We Advertise your Business so that you can get more Calls and do more Business-MORE BACKLINKS!

Placement on South Africa’s Largest Search Engine

(People must find YOU when they Search for you)

We place the Listing for your Business website-More Calls!

Check  Broken Links, Buttons, do Spell checks, check Email address and Links on the website.

(Bad spelling and Broken links makes a bad impression and discredit you on Google)

We Check for Broken Links, do Spell checks, check Email address and Links on the website.


SEO PRO Includes all the above as well as all of the Following: Price R5.500 ONCE OFF

We Check your Website Meta Tags: Title, Description, Keywords, Robots  and send you/your  

Webmaster the corrections and recommendations.

(Meta Tags Determine how Google displays your Business Information)

We will ensure that your Meta Tags are correct and does not contain too many characters.

We Check Composition of your website.

(Your Website must be on a Certain Standard to be Google Optimized)

We will help to ensure that your website is up to standard. 

Keyword Research- The Word “Plumbers” is Searched for 201,000 times per month in S.A. 

while the Word “Plumber”  is only Searched for 74,000 times. 

It is very IMPORTANT to Find your Customers where most clients are looking for you!

Keyword Clouds – We check use of Keywords and Keyword relevance on your website.

(It’s very important to see what Google see)

We will look at what Google see and make sure Google see your Business correct.

SiteMap and robot Files:

(Google wants you to have a Robot.txt file and Sitemap file on your website)

We Generate both these files and forward them to you/your webmaster.

16. Check your Feedback form

(Clients need a Feedback/Order or Comment Form on your Website)

We check this form, Optimise it and make suggestions for your Specific Business.

17.   Hit Counters

Without a Hitcounter on your website you cannot check actual number of visitors.

We will make suggestions and send details to you/Your webmaster

Check Fav (orite) Icon and Create if necessary

(The Favourite Icon is the Little picture which identify your Business)

We will create FavIcon and send it to you/webmaster.

Register your Business with “WebsiteOff” .

(Your website should be online 24/7 365 days a year)

We will activate a Monitor to notify you immediately if and when your website goes offline.

Assisting you to create a Live FEED from your Business  Facebook Page to your Website.

(You won’t need to pay someone to make continual changes on your website)

When you make changes on Facebook it will be seen LIVE, immediately by your clients visiting your website. (see

10 Position Improvement (SEO) Facts!

  1. People use Google for Information more than Ever Before!
  2. People want Information FAST! They look for it on their Mobiles!
  3. Our Google Position Improvement, SEO, will Work for you!
  4. 91.7% of all Google visitors stay on page 1
  5. Search-Engine Optimization Works with Google!
  6. 33% of People click on POSITION ONE of Google
  7. More visitors to your site should radically improve your sales.
  8. Our Search-Engine Optimization, SEO, will Work for you-Guaranteed!
  9. Our Website design team will Work for you!
  10. We have over 15 years’ Experience in Search-Engine Optimization, SEO and Website Design

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